Why you should use a Professional Photographer for Real Estate?

Homes that use a professional photographer for their listing on average sell $11,000 over market value and sell 50% faster than homes with standard photos. Studies have shown that 98% of homebuyers judge whether or not to walk through a property by first seeing the listing photos online.

By adding drone photography and video, people will be engaged more to your listing because there’s more to see. When done right, your listing will be the benchmark that everyone will compare other property to.

Adding drone photography can add more value to the home for a few reasons. It’s a more prestigious look for a home and is expected when a listing is more high-end. You can also easily show off amenities around the community that will add more perceived value to the home and make the asking price not seem like a factor when making a buying decision.

Twilight shots are more expected with high-end luxury listings that are over a million dollars in asking price. When you use this technique, even with homes around the $300k range, you can expect heads to turn and more showings because they’re higher end.

Adding drone and twilight images to your listing may not even cost as much as you may think when it comes to creating marketable content for you seller and your business.

If the homes look great, then the perceived value of the buyer goes up which makes the home more in demand. As economics would put it, low supply and high demand means an increase in price. by Ben Accinelli

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